• Blue Flag Beaches in India: The Environment Ministry announced on September 21, 2021, that two additional beaches in India, namely Kovalam beach in Tamil Nadu and Eden beach in Puducherry, have been given the ‘Blue Flag’ designation. The total number of Blue Flag-certified beaches in India are now 10. The eight beaches received the certification on October 6, 2020, to which, the re-certification was also awarded. As per the Environment Ministry, Blue Flag beaches are the cleanest around the globe.
  • Minister for Environment, Forests, and Climate Change Bhupender Yadav stated that this is another step forward in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a Clean and Green India.


  • The programme named Blue Flag began in 1985, in France and expanded to other parts of the world in the year 2001. Through the four key areas: water quality, environmental management, safety, and environmental education, the programme acknowledges as well as supports sustainable development throughout freshwater and also marine water bodies.
  • The Blue Flag certification is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Denmark, which is a worldwide eco-level label (FEE). Every time, FEE Denmark monitors and audits for strict abidance to the 33 requirements. A beach boating tourist operator receives the certification that acts as an environmental label. It is given only once a year. A waving ‘Blue Flag’ denotes complete compliance with these 33 strict requirements and highlights the beach’s good health in four main categories under the Blue Flag programme.
  • On September 22, 2021, two additional beaches (Kovalam beach in Tamil Nadu and Eden beach in Puducherry) were finally given the ‘Blue Flag’ designation.


  • In June 2018, on World Environment Day, the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Global Climate Change started the sustainable development of coastal regions by initiating a beach cleaning programme dubbed “I am protecting my beach” across approximately 13 coastal states. Later, Beach Environment and Aesthetics Management Services were established by the Ministry (BEAMS).
  • BEAMS is an Indian initiative that focuses on the long-term development of India’s coastal areas. It’s part of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZM). The primary goal of ICZM is to maintain and protect coastal and marine ecosystems by using a comprehensive approach to resource management.


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