• Catalyst is a substance that speeds up the chemical reaction.
  • With the help of a catalyst, the interaction of molecules became easy.
  • Everyone in this world is dependent on the catalyst for making almost everything.
  • Catalyst also helps in the processing of petroleum and coal into liquid fuels.
  • There are some natural catalysts in our body known as enzymes, they play a very important role in our body.
  • Molecules break down their chemical bonds between the atoms, during many chemical reactions and then they form bonds with new atoms. Whereas, in some chemical reaction the bonds are remain intended as it is. This breaking and rebuilding of bonds are efficiently done with the help of a catalyst.
  • Catalyst does this by lowering down their activation energy for that chemical reaction.
  • Activation energy is the amount of energy required, to move forward any chemical reaction.
  • Catalyst makes the availability of, the lower-energy pathway for completion of a chemical reaction.
  • Though, the catalyst does not get used in any chemical reaction as it gets regenerated.
  • In the industry, manufactures often make the catalyst to speed up the processes.
  • The equilibrium composition of the mixture of reactions does not affect by the catalyst.

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