• To discover Antarctica’s oldest ice, the Oregon state university will be leading exploration and will learn about how over the past several million years the earth’s climate has changed.
  • The national science foundation will give the fund to the exploration quest.
  • The main aim of the study is to see that how the earth will behave when it is warmer than it has been in the last one million years.
  • A center for the oldest ice exploration (COLDEX) will be set up for generating the knowledge about earth’s climate system by experts from across the United States.
  • It is one of the six new science and technology centers that were announced by the national science foundation.
  • Currently, the oldest record of Antarctica ice is of back 800,000 years.
  • Ed Brook, the principal investigator of COLDEX said that the features of the climate system were different in the period between 800,000 years ago and 1.5 million years ago.
  • Presently, the researchers hope to find the ice that is perhaps up to 3 million years old and even older.
  • To help the researchers and find out the best location to start their search, they will require a lot of modeling and new tools.

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