• On November 10, 2021, India launched a web portal for awareness regarding the electric vehicle at the ongoing COP26 summit in Glasgow, UK.
  • Nigel topping, the UK high-level climate action champion, and the NITI aayog adviser Sudhendu Jyoti Sinha attended the launch of e-Amrit.
  • This portal aims at creating awareness about electric mobility in India.
  • For all the information which are related to electric vehicles such as knowledge repository on EV, feasibility research on switching to EV, tools to calculate EV experience, and all the other information about the EV businesses, this portal is made as a one-stop site.
  • This portal wants people to get aware of the benefits of using electric vehicles.
  • And also wants to accelerate the influence of millions of users to adopt electric vehicles.
  • The government is implementing so many initiatives for increasing the use of electric mobility in the country. PLI and FAME are some of the schemes for the same.


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