• On November 14, 2021, India’s first grass conservatory was launched in Ranikhet of Almora district by the research wing of the Uttarakhand Forest Department.
  • Sanjiv Chaturvedi, the chief conservator of forests stated the economic value of grasses.
  • This conservatory aims in creating awareness about the importance of grass species, facilitate research on grass species, promoting conservation.
  • Grasses play an important role in carbon sequestration during this process grasses store most of the absorbed carbon.
  • Chaturvedi stated that it is important to conserve the grasslands because the shrinking of grasslands is endangering the entire ecosystem.
  • This conservatory has been established in an area of 2 acres and is funded under the CAMPA scheme by the central government.
  • There are approximately 90 different grass species in the conservation area house.
  • In the conservation area, there are seven different categories of grasses namely fodder, medicinal, ornamental, aromatic, agricultural, religious, and miscellaneous.

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