• On October 29, 2021, Dr. Jitendra Singh, union minister of state launched India’s first manned ocean mission at the national institute of ocean technology in Chennai, named samudrayaan.
  • This mission will build the national esteem of India.
  • India joined the elite club of nations such as France, Russia, China, and the US to have niche technology and vehicles to carry out subsea activities.
  • To explore ocean resources for drinking water, blue economy, and clean energy, this mission will open more growth avenues for this purpose.
  • This mission aims in sending the men into the deep sea through the submersible vehicle for deep-ocean exploration and mining of rare minerals.
  • In this mission, three-person will be sent in a manned submersible vehicle MATSYA 6000 to a depth of 6000 meters into the sea for underwater studies such as hydro-thermal sulfides, gas hydrates, cobalt crusts, and polymetallic manganese nodules which are located at an approximate depth between 1000 and 5500 meters.
  • On June 16, 2021, the proposal of the ministry of earth sciences on this mission was approved by the cabinet committee on economic affairs.


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